Survival shooter game, survive as many enemies and waves as possible ! Shoot enemies with the left click and... That's it !

This is a proof of concept for me to teach myself the basis of C#, deepen Unity understanding and use and have fun trying to wrap my head around programmer way of thinking. 

The logic behind this is, the better I understand them, the better I can help, the better the end product.

Oh and, I'm an artist by trade x)

Notes :
- Last build as in the screenshots not added yet (still some VFX bugs (T-T) to take care about)

- Make it full screen as I haven't figured out yet how to make the game webGL responsive....haha

- First game prototype coded by myself as a challenge and learning experience. It is still in development as I learn about C#, and gamedev in general. 

- Feedbacks and tips/tricks of the trade and best practices are more than welcome ! Thank you ! (As I push this further, I should publish the code on Git)

- It is far from done, and probably might never be? 

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