A downloadable game for Windows

The Sugar Kingdom is attacked !
Help Sugarcube to escape from the Evil Broccoli army !

How To Play :

Left arrow to move left

Right arrow to move right

Space to Jump, hit space again to double jump

You can use A and D keys to move as well. 

Jump from platform to platform, duck the falling ones and the enemies. Reach the Coffee cup to finish the level. But take care not to stay too long on the same spot, you might fall with it !

Credits : 

Code : LeeXx

Art : Alcy


Freeesound.com :
Kodack : Howlingwind
Goodbyte : Sad RPG town background
FreeSFX : jump, doublejump, winsound

Font : Amatic SC


SugarTale.zip 22 MB


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Really terrible controls


Watch Platformer Week (game jam) | !jam !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv


Hahaha thank you very much for putting so much tries o that first level ! Sorry about those controls, we still need a better time management x), the second level should be a bit easier though...If you manage to pass the first one haha Thanks a lot for your feedbacks and the streaming !